Survey: Wawa is the most popular convenience store in America

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If you know what a Wawa is, you've probably spent some amount of your life in New Jersey. And apparently, enough people are familiar with Wawa to make it America's favorite convenience store.

A survey published by Market Force Information determined the mid-Atlantic chain had the highest levels of customer loyalty, despite the fact that the chain doesn't have any stores outside five northeastern states and, strangely enough, Florida.

Market Force reports Wawa earned top marks for quick entry and exit, its general brand reputation and fresh food (although it should be noted that in Pennsylvania, fresh food does not include beer).


It's a bit strange to see a convenience store linked with the Garden State getting so much love less than a month after a different survey found New Jersey is the only state Americans dislike, on average. Maybe it's because if you're making a pit stop at Wawa, you're likely on your way out of New Jersey.

Regional chains seemed to be the big winners overall in the survey. Oklahoma-based Quiktrip came in second, with customers praising its maintenance and service. Wawa's Pennsylvania rival, Sheetz, came up third, with top marks for good coffee and a loyalty program.

The first national chain on the list, Phillips 66, doesn't even show up until fourth place, and it's tied with Midwestern gas station chain Speedway.

Anyway, the next time your cousin Tony from Philadelphia starts talking about how he's looking forward to November so he can have a Gobbler, just know that America stands with him.

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