Survivor did NOT give Kim Davis permission to use 'Eye of the Tiger'

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On Tuesday, Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis was released from prison, an emotionally resonant event that attracted dozens of journalists, swarming crowds, and one very pleased Mike Huckabee. At a rally in front of the Carter County Detention Center following her release, Davis triumphantly strode to the stage to the Survivor classic "Eye of the Tiger," her arms raised high above her head in victory.

The band is not happy.

"We did not grant Kim Davis any rights to use "My Tune -The Eye Of The Tiger," Frankie Sullivan, co-founder of Survivor and co-writer of "Eye of the Tiger," wrote on his Facebook page. "I would not grant her the rights to use Charmin!"

In a separate statement to Billboard, "Eye of the Tiger" co-writer Jim Peterik also protested the misuse of the 1982 certified Platinum record.


"The song has motivated thousands through the years to reach beyond their limits," Peterik told Billboard. "Its use for the release of Kim Davis does not support my views or my politics."

This is a recurring theme for Republicans in this year's election. So far, bands and musicians have lashed out at the unlicensed use of their tunes by Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and—wouldn't you know it?—Mike Huckabee, who previously offended Boston by coopting "More Than a Feeling" at a campaign event.

A representative for Survivor has hinted to TMZ that the band might sue Kim Davis. Even if Survivor wins its case, it might have trouble collecting its money, given Davis' history of obeying judge's orders she doesn't like.