Susan Rice wants you to know that she and Condoleeza Rice are two different black women

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Current National Security Advisor Susan Rice and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice are two of the mighty high-ranking black, female diplomats in American history. Despite their vastly different paths to statecraft, people still get the two women mixed up.

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed's Another Round podcast, Susan Rice recounted the number of times people have confused her for the other Rice, picking out a particularly awkward gaffe that took place during a trip to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.

"This was hilarious actually, was it CCTV? The Chinese national network was reporting on my visit to China, ‘national security advisor Susan Rice meets with President Xi Jinping’, and they put up Condi’s picture," Rice said. “They’ve gotten it right since. But that was almost funny.”


When asked about her read on the current political climate in the final days of President Obama's administration, Rice said that while she was doing everything in her power to ensure a smooth handoff of duties to her successor Michael Flynn, Rice was measured but frank about her concerns.

"As a mom, as a citizen, as a voter, this is not what I voted for, and I think there are  a lot of reasons to be questioning what's coming next. Many of the things that were said during the campaign, I think, left a lot of people questioning where they'd fit in America under Donald Trump—particularly people of color, particularly women. That doesn't go away just because I'm National Security Advisor."

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