Suspicious Packages 11 and 12 Found Addressed to Cory Booker and James Clapper

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The FBI said on Friday morning that an 11th suspicious package, addressed to New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, was recovered in Florida. Shortly afterward, NBC News reported a 12th package was found in New York City, this one addressed to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper at the CNN offices.


NBC reported the device addressed to Booker was found in a South Florida mailing facility, but it’s not yet clear when the packages were sent. Here’s NBC’s Pete Williams breaking the news on Morning Joe:

The FBI also said the package addressed to Booker was “similar in appearance” to the 10 other explosive devices sent over the past week to prominent Democrats and other public figures.

According to the New York Times, the package addressed to Clapper was found Friday morning at a USPS facility in Midtown Manhattan, not far from the CNN offices.

The package addressed to Clapper via CNN is the second explosive device intended for the network’s headquarters, the first of which prompted a full evacuation of the Time Warner Center on Wednesday.


The FBI said Thursday that it was honing in on Florida as the source of the bombs and suspicious packages. The agency searched a mail facility in Opa-locka yesterday, and one official told CBS News that “All arrows [were] pointing to Florida,” as the origin of the bombs.


Update, 10:18 a.m. ET: CNN President Jeff Zucker put out a statement confirming that the Clapper package was addressed to CNN, and saying that “there is no imminent danger to the Time Warner Center.” He also noted that all mail to the news organization’s U.S. offices is being screened off-site now.


Update, 10:50 a.m. ET: The NYPD reports that the Manhattan package addressed to Clapper has been removed from the USPS facility on West 52nd Street. From there, it’ll most likely go to Virginia—per NBC News, the FBI is analyzing the other devices at its headquarters in Quantico.

This story is developing and will be updated as we have new information.