Suspicious Packages Found Addressed to Joe Biden and Robert De Niro

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Federal law enforcement officials said on Thursday morning that they’ve intercepted yet another suspicious package addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden at a mail facility near his home in Delaware on Thursday morning, according to multiple reports.

The news follows reports earlier this morning that another suspected mail bomb, addressed to actor and Trump critic Robert De Niro, was removed from a Tribeca restaurant owned by De Niro.

The discoveries come a day after half a dozen suspected pipe bombs addressed to prominent Democratic politicians and Trump critics, including former President Barack Obama, the Clintons, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, and former CIA Director John Brennan—whose package was addressed to CNN headquarters in New York, which resulted in the evacuation of the building—were discovered. On Tuesday, an explosive device addressed to billionaire Democratic donor George Soros, a frequent subject of right-wing conspiracy theories, was discovered in his mailbox in Westchester, NY.


An FBI official told CNN that the packages found on Tuesday and Wednesday “appeared to be” pipe bombs. Per CNN:

An initial examination shows they are are rudimentary but functional, and have similar construction. At least one contained projectiles, including shards of glass, a law enforcement official told CNN. The bombs were unstable and could have been set off just by handling, sources said.

The packages sent to all but Biden are in manila envelopes with bubble wrap interior, the FBI said. Each package had six American flag Forever stamps on the envelope.


Here’s a picture of the package sent to Biden, per Fox’s Philadelphia affiliate:


On Wednesday, President Donald Trump called for “unity” after explosive devices were sent to some of his most visible critics and CNN, but by this morning rolled around, he was back to tweeting about fake news.

This is a developing story, and will be updated as more information becomes available.