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Eric Swalwell, who was among the first Democrats to announce his bid for the presidency in 2020, is reportedly planning to bow out of the race this afternoon, according to the Los Angeles Times and CNN.


Swalwell is holding a press conference in California at 1 p.m PT today, so it’s not official yet, but it certainly looks like the campaign has been heading in that direction.

It really makes you think: Political campaigns are born, age, and die so fast these days. First they’re just a very thirsty rumor intended to increase your political capital, then the next thing you know, they’re shutting down after your stock increased just enough to remind you that you should probably just run to keep your House seat in 2020.

Swalwell was a relatively early candidate in the race but failed to make much of an impact in the polls, despite meeting the requirements to be on stage at the first Democratic debate. Along the way he managed to take some shots at Pete Buttigieg, advocate tirelessly for gun control reforms that only vaguely address the issue, and sweat a lot. Kudos to him for recognizing his campaign staff’s union, which will hopefully also reorganize around his 2020 House re-election bid, should he make that pivot.


Unfortunately for almost everyone else involved, Swalwell’s spot in the Democrats’ clown car primary could immediately taken by Tom Steyer, which, I cannot believe I’m saying this, is probably a net loss for the Democrats. So long and farewell, Swal, we hardly knew ye.

Update, 4:27 p.m. ET: Swalwell is officially out of the presidential race, but said today marks “the beginning of an opportunity in Congress.”

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