Swamp-Draining Update: Betsy Devos Edition

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A glorious wave of POPULISM has swept America, propelling our Blue Collar Billionaire president into office and empowering him to DRAIN THE SWAMP of the self-serving and out of touch elites who have serving themselves, not the hard working people of this country. Let’s check in on how that’s going!

POPULIST POSITION: Trump Administration Education Secretary
POPULIST CREDENTIALS, via the Wall Street Journal:

The ultrawealthy often use LLCs within family offices to hold personal assets. Among family assets not included in Mrs. DeVos’s disclosure form, but identified through records and people familiar with the matter, is Seaquest, a 164-foot boat owned by Mrs. DeVos’s father-in-law via an entity called RDV International Marine Ltd. and registered under a Cayman Islands flag. It is one of at least 10 boats held through different entities owned by the DeVos clan, who have traveled to the South Pacific islands in their boats as a group.

They also own at least four planes and two helicopters, including two Gulfstreams and a Cessna. Mrs. DeVos’s husband, a pilot, was recently appointed to an advisory council of the Federal Aviation Administration.


Come back next time for more updates on how we’re Draining That Swamp. Suck it, elites!

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