Sweet, Blue-Eyed Piece of Argentine Mayoral Tail Loves Catcalling

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Buenos Aires' cute, blue-eyed mayor Mauricio Macri thinks that women, deep down in their lady-hearts, actually do enjoy being catcalled, telling the "FM Masters" radio show that he doesn't believe women who say they don't like it. Adorable.
It's an interesting point of view in that it is so tone-deaf and without merit that it's practically a piece of performance art, next-level trolling taken to a new and exciting level. Here we have a person whose job is, at least partially, to ensure the well-being and safety of the people in his city telling the world that he simply does not believe women who do not "like" it when a stranger makes an unsolicited comment about her body. It is seriously so cute when men try to talk about sexism.

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That sweet piece of ass's comments come in the midst of an organized, powerful, and global effort on the part of women (and the men who respect them) to vocalize the impact of street harassment (and a big component of that is the rebranding, essentially, of "catcalling" as a clear form of harassment) and to explain exactly why it is that women don't enjoy it. (I mean, women in general. I am all too aware that there are women who exist — based on anecdotal evidence — who don't think catcalling is a big deal or who believe that a stranger commenting on the state, size, density, and bangability of a woman's backside constitutes a compliment. And I think that these women are an excellent example of why feminism is important.) There is, for example, the anti-harassment street art campaign launched by Brooklyn-based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, whose posters directly respond to specific type of street harassment, like telling women to smile or expressing anger when a woman chooses not to respond to a stranger's comments.

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And in ese papi's own city, Buenos Aires, a new campaign aims to highlight just how invasive and brutal catcalls can be, asking Argentines, "If you don’t like reading it, how would you feel about hearing it?" And then there's "Oppressed Majority," a short French film that went viral for its blunt and disconcerting attempt to show men precisely how street harassment feels by making a male the recipient of all types of sexism — from being dismissed to being shamed to being verbally assaulted to being physically violated — performed by women. There is even an ongoing conversation about the way women respond to unwanted and unsolicited advances, and whether ignoring or confronting aggressors works best, or whether thwarting unwanted advances by saying "I have a boyfriend" only contributes to the problem of certain men feeling they, as a group, have a proprietary relationship to women's bodies. Probably because they have small packages, lol! They need a bigger man to show them how to use it. ;) ;) ;)


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Macri, probably because he needs to get *&^%ed and loosen up, can choose to simply believe that these women and men are merely lying or deluding themselves in their attempts to get men to JUST. STOP. IT. Or perhaps he simply wants an excuse to do as he pleases, because he's probably a slut. (lol he seriously looks like he knows how to $%^&, right? You can always tell with the blue-eyed ones.) The thing about misogyny, including the machismo with which Marcri seems so enamored (lol, sounds like someone needs to get *^%$ed so he can lighten up), is that it ultimately hurts men, too. Men are not wild brutes who cannot control base impulses. Men do not have an inherent need to demean women in order to feel empowered. Men do not have to aggressively seek women while women remain passive. Men do have the ability to see someone who looks appealing to them, and to keep that lil' nugget of information in their hearts and minds and groin situations without having to verbalize the thought. Disrespect is a learned behavior, and it can be unlearned. Even from a stupid slut like Macri.