T.J. Miller Sure Sounds Sexist and Arrogant as Hell

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Comedian T.J. Miller spent a good portion of an interview with New York Magazine stressing that he wants to be viewed as a villain of the entertainment world. Mission accomplished!


For instance, here’s a provocative, fresh take coming from a male comedian: Women? They just aren’t funny.

They’re taught to suppress their sense of humor during their formative years,” Miller, who’s currently starring in The Emoji Movie, told Vulture.


But he saved possibly the worst of it to go after fellow comedian Aziz Ansari, who he said is “very good at what he does...like Dane Cook.”

I didn’t really have a dog in this fight until Miller COMPARED AZIZ TO FUCKING DANE COOK, the world’s worst living comedian.

And just for good measure, Miller, who allegedly punched out an Uber driver, went to even douchier lengths. A few more highlights:

On the nature of “zeitgeist”:

“In the American Zeitgeist,” he says, “you have to recognize that there is no Zeitgeist.” He nods solemnly to me. “Use that.”


On capitalism and content:

Miller empties and squashes a third bottle of water. The maxims are coming fast. “There’s no point in moderation … Every American’s job in this capitalist society is to consume content … If nothing means anything, then anything can mean everything.” Suddenly, Miller produces five dice from his pocket. “Do you like to gamble?”


And OF COURSE he uses that Evian aerosol bottled water, a product I already despised with every fiber of my being:

Miller turns to his publicist, whose presence at the table was a condition of his doing this interview, and asks, “It’s entirely inappropriate to smoke marijuana, right?” She says it is. He frowns, then face-spritzes. I ask what the spray is, and he says, “It’s embarrassing for you that you don’t know.” (It is, according to the bottle, Evian Natural Mineral Water spray.)


Oh, and he reads philosophy, or whatever, because he’s a smart comedian who gets it:

The rumpled Miller, dressed in a red warm-up jacket and wearing a gaudy gold chain, has arrayed a bottle of Mucinex, a copy of Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations

...though what is context really, since according to Miller we live in a “post-meaning society” and his words have “no teleological destination”


This is both cool and edgy. I’m going to tell all my friends to pre-order their tickets to see Miller playing the role of literal “meh” face in Emoji Movie now.

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