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The nine justices of the Supreme Court gathered this morning for their traditional annual “class photo.” Tag yourselves, please!! Nose goes on who has to be beer lover Brett Kavanaugh!!

For my part, I’m probably Justice Elena Kagan, who was nominated by Obama in May 2010 and then confirmed to the court just a few months later, in August. Were we ever so young! Anyway, Kagan was forced to stand next to Kavanaugh, and therefore she is me:


To give you more insight on what the rest of the court was up to during the photo—and more data points you can use to determine if “it me”—I offer, also via C-SPAN, the mostly placid left half of the photo:

Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first nominee, looks pleased just to be forgotten for a moment after Kavanaugh’s confirmation process made his own look like a damn cakewalk. Chief Justice John Roberts looks smug as hell, Clarence Thomas should look a lot more ashamed to have his name in the news again fairly recently than he does, and there’s Stephen Breyer. Sonia Sotomayor has the breezy smile of a woman who’s not on Twitter.

As for the second half: It would be far too easy to say look, it’s me, I’m RBG. Don’t be that basic, for one, and don’t align yourself with someone who’s largely been absolved from not retiring when she had the chance under a Democratic president because she’s now a cute meme. Oh, also, there’s Samuel Alito.


Then comes the last baddie, who’s just so happy to be here today:



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