A majority of Republicans who voted yesterday support Trump's ban on Muslim immigrants. This is a pattern.

A majority of Republicans in each of the five states that voted Tuesday night said they want to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States, which shouldn't surprise you because that's the same thing polls found in South Carolina, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia.

Here are 10 better things Jeb Bush could have done with the $130 million he blew running for president

Jeb Bush and his supporters spent $130 million dollars to not win the presidency. He outspent every other candidate in advertising. He spent more on valet parking in eight months than a minimum wage worker earns in a year. Some of that money—untold sums, really—went to purchasing the small turtles he kept in his…

Young New Hampshire voters know it’s weird that their tiny, super white state matters so much

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Living in Manchester during a presidential election year means witnessing the political process up close. It means having access to candidates from both parties in a way that is inconceivable to most of the country. It means putting party frontrunners over the edge and mercy-killing flagging campaigns.

Ask young people how they feel about the presidential candidates, and they're most likely to say some version of 'pretty bad!'

Young people are a powerful voting bloc, which you probably already knew because it's a point that gets repeated basically every election cycle. This messaging is both a statement of fact and, usually, a subtle bit of prodding to increase turnout. Like your mom telling you how you have so much potential, if only you'd…