Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign raked in $19.1 million in the second quarter of 2019, the New York Times reported, more than three times what she did in the first quarter. That’s likely to put her at third among the Dems behind Biden and Buttigieg but ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Politico reports that former Colorado governor and Socialism Disliker John Hickenlooper’s campaign is “in shambles,” with senior staff telling him last month to drop out; now most of them are leaving the campaign. Socialism 1, Hickenlooper 0. It’s all up to you now, John Delaney.

The first polls following last week’s Democratic debates are starting to roll in. According to CNN’s survey, Joe Biden’s lead has been cut by 10 points since May to 22 percent, and Kamala Harris (17 percent) and Elizabeth Warren (15 percent) have made significant gains.