The Secret, All-White Committee Advising New Orleans’ Black Woman Mayor on the Fate of Confederate Statues

Nearly a year ago today, New Orleans residents cheered, sang, and danced in the streets as they watched the city take down a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from Lee Circle. The removal was part of a local grassroots campaign—which was in turn part of a nationwide movement—to remove Confederate statues…

The Alt Right's 'Asian Exception' Is Cribbed Directly From the White Mainstream

In 2012, white supremacist John Derbyshire wrote a screed at Taki Magazine, a publication formerly edited by Richard Spencer, entitled “The Talk: Nonblack Version.” It was a play off of “the talk” that black parents give to their children in an effort to protect them from police brutality. Derbyshire’s 15 bullet…

‘There was NO blood, NO semen and there was NO Satanism’: Read The Scathing Editor's Notes on Milo's Killed Book

Remember Milo Yiannopoulos? The alt-right “provocateur” and former Breitbart columnist who toured the country on his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” while declaring “feminism is cancer” and whom every conservative idiot wanted a piece of before he appeared to condone pedophila?