DHS Watchdog Finds the Trump Administration Did a Bad Job Committing Human Rights Violations

The Department of Homeland Security did a terrible job carrying out its zero-tolerance family separation policy earlier this year, according to an unreleased report by the cabinet department’s inspector general, proving that the Trump administration is incompetent even when doing the most evil shit imaginable.

Trump's 'Salute to the Heroes of ICE and CBP' Was a Total Shitshow

When President Donald Trump announced that he’d be hosting an event honoring the “heroes of ICE and CBP,” you may have thought to yourself, “Well, that sure sounds like it’s gonna be a complete horror show.” And now that it’s come and gone, it’s my unfortunate duty to inform you that, yes, it sure was.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: This Horrible Thing Is Actually Very Good

By now you’ve almost certainly seen the photograph of two-year-old Yanela Hernandez sobbing in terror as her mother is searched by Customs and Border Patrol agents. It’s a sobering image, and because of it, Hernandez has become the de facto face of the Trump administration’s cruel “zero tolerance” policy on…