Republican Attacks 'Naive' Young Voter for Asking About His Deranged Views on Climate Change

The Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor called a young woman “young and naive”—and earned applause from his crowd of supporters—for asking if his stance that “body heat” causes climate change was influenced by thousands of dollars in contributions from the fossil fuel industry.

While You Were Wondering if Scott Pruitt Could Get Worse, He Was Dining With An Alleged Child Abuser

The cardinal rule of Scott Pruitt: Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly get any more dumb and unethical, there’s always a new low. This time, documents obtained by the New York Times Thursday show that when the EPA administrator was in Rome last June, he dined with Cardinal George Pell, a climate denier that …

EPA Will Discontinue Program Designed to Study the Impact of Chemicals on Children's Health

The National Center for Environmental Research, a grant program within the Environmental Protection Agency that helps fund tests ascertaining the effect of chemical exposure on adults and children, will discontinue, the EPA told The Hill on Monday. The program is “best known for its handling of fellowships that study…

Trump's Nominee to a Top Science Post Is Also a 'Cooperative Witness' in the Senate Russia Probe

Sam Clovis, who co-chaired President Trump’s national campaign, has been “fully cooperative” with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Senator Pat Roberts, who chairs the Senate Agricultural Committee, confirmed his cooperation with Politico on Tuesday.