Chris Cillizza Explaining that G7 Picture on TV Is Only Slightly More Painful Than Chris Cillizza Explaining that G7 Picture on the Internet

Alleged “pundit” Chris Cillizza appeared on the TV channel CNN today to reiterate a very terrible non-argument he’d made earlier on about how an “already iconic” photo from the G7 summit—get this—means different things to different people. What a searing and insightful look at global politics!


Journalists Come Up With a Bunch of Awful Ideas to Save the White House Correspondents' Dinner

Not sure if you caught this one, but: the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was on Saturday night, and it was very controversial! This year’s comedian, Michelle Wolf, made some jokes that cut a little too close for comfort, both for the members of the Trump administration on the receiving end and DC journalists who…

Conservative Lobbyist Throws A Fit On CNN After Being Called Out For WHCD Hypocrisy

Matt Schlapp—a former adviser to George W. Bush who now lobbies for firms like Comcast and Walmart and chairs the American Conservative Union, which runs the infamous CPAC convention—had an all-American meltdown on CNN Monday morning when he was challenged about deploying “selective outrage” over the Sarah Huckabee…