Homeland Security: Our Immigrant Jails Are Inhumane but We Will Do Almost Nothing to Fix Them

The Department of Homeland Security on Thursday confirmed what activists and government watchdogs have long been insisting to anyone who would pay attention—that the way the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency often treats undocumented immigrants in its jails is actually pretty awful. Unfortunately, knowing is…

Demanda afirma que miles de reportes de abuso sexual en centros de detenciĂłn de inmigrantes no han sido investigados

Una demanda federal de derechos civiles que se presentó esta semana afirma que, de los 33,126 supuestos casos de abuso sexual o físico cometidos en los centros de detención de inmigrantes, solamente 570 casos han sido investigados por la Oficina del Inspector General del Departamento de Seguridad Interna (DHS).


Coming to America? The Department of Homeland Security Would Like to Slide Into Your DMs

For months now, scrutiny over President Donald Trump’s various travel bans and immigration orders has focused largely on who isn’t allowed into the United States (Muslims) and who’s getting kicked out once they’re here (pretty much everyone). But now we have a glimpse at another part of the president’s plans for…