A Partial List of Companies That Definitely Could Have Afforded to Pay Their Employees a Good Wage at Any Point Before the GOP Tax Bill

Since the passage of the GOP‚Äôs wildly unpopular and regressive tax bill, American companies have been coming out of the woodwork to announce they are using their tax windfalls to invest in their employees. Even nominally ‚Äúliberal‚ÄĚ companies like Apple and Starbucks have credited Congressional Republicans and the Trump‚Ķ


Everything About Disney and ABC's 'Pink Slime' Settlement Should Scare the Hell Out of You

News of perhaps the largest defamation settlement in U.S. history came and went with a whimper last week. In two footnotes in its third-quarter earnings report, The Walt Disney Company whispered that it spent a cool $177 million‚ÄĒnot including additional cash from insurers‚ÄĒ‚Äúin connection with the settlement of‚Ķ

Disney‚Äôs Moana is a powerful movie starring a brown girl‚ÄĒbut I still have issues with it

Watching¬†Moana, Disney's latest animated movie, was an extremely emotional experience‚ÄĒI cried for probably half of it. It‚Äôs a powerful, visually stunning,¬†epic¬†tale, about a resourceful and determined young woman, and it smashed the box office into smithereens, making $81 million over Thanksgiving weekend (although it‚Ķ