Saying Members of MS-13 Are Human Beings Is Not a Defense of MS-13

Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum, a “liberal” blogger who thinks you’d be “crazy” if you don’t have a “reflexive disgust of the homeless,” did a take today on liberals supposedly “defending” MS-13, the gang which Donald Trump is now calling full of “animals” every chance he gets. It was terrible.

Trump Cancels North Korea Summit That Was Totally Going to Happen and Work Out Great

The much-hyped nuclear summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been called off by the White House, following weeks of hedging on whether or not the two leaders would actually meet as planned in Singapore next month. Yes, that’s right: Trump might not be getting that Nobel Peace…


Trump Calls Tomi Lahren 'Outstanding and Respected' in One of His Most Outrageous Lies Ever

President Donald Trump is a liar. We all know this. As of May 1 this year, he had reportedly made 3,001 “false or misleading claims” as president. He’s lied about the Russia probe, job growth, Stormy Daniels—just about everything. But this morning, the Lying Liar in Chief made possibly his most egregious fabrication…