America needs a progressive Tea Party to fight Trump. This movement could be a model for it

Shocked by Donald Trump’s surprise victory and the wave of white supremacism he left in his wake, many Americans have taken to the streets to protest. But if progressives really want to fight back against Trumpism, they need to build a mass national movement, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the 1960s. Put…

A timely reminder: Our next president can't stop attacking women and journalists on Twitter

President-elect Donald Trump has made himself known for many things, but his outsized Twitter feed—where he has gleefully attacked everyone from Rosie O'Donnell and President Obama to Kristen Stewart, and has helped some of his white supremacist followers gain more attention than ever—ranks right up there.

Remember when the Voting Rights Act was gutted? We just watched the fallout.

In  2014, the state of Texas made it hard for me to vote. My out-of-state driver’s license didn’t verify the identity on my voter ID card. So I went home for my passport, a federal document that would trounce all. After two trips to the polling station, I finally managed to vote that day for a candidate who wouldn’t…