The plight of the modern child: 1,000 (potentially embarrassing) photos online before you turn 5

It was an amazing story. Too amazing. An Austrian magazine reported that an 18-year-old was suing her parents for posting embarrassing childhood photos to Facebook. She didn't want images of her bathing and being potty trained to be available online, according to Die Ganze Woche, which withheld the identity of the…

Yahoo scanned all users' incoming emails for the government, reports Reuters

Here's some shocking news for anyone who is still actually using a Yahoo email address: Starting in 2015, all of the emails Yahoo users received were being searched for a particular set of characters at the request of the security state in an unprecedented real-time wiretap of email, according to a report from Reuters.

IP address mapping company says it's not legally responsible for 'digital hell' in Kansas

For the last five years, James and Theresa Arnold have been accused of hacking email accounts, stealing identities, committing tax fraud, harassing people, and stealing bitcoin. James was accused of “holding girls at the residence for the purpose of making pornographic films.” At one point, someone left a toilet in…