Here's how much we're paying the Senate to ignore a Supreme Court nominee

Update: On January 31, Donald Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Associate Justice Antonin Scalia since his death in February 2016. At the time, the Senate delay in confirming Obama nominee Merrick Garland had cost the American public more than $15 million, according to our…

Why National Pro-Choice Groups Are Giving Up in the Very States That Need Them the Most

The countdown is on,‚ÄĚ Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO of Whole Woman‚Äôs Health, tweeted in early June. Throughout the month, abortion rights supporters checked SCOTUS blog or Twitter promptly at 10 AM, anxious for the decision that would reverberate across the country. Pro-choice activists had been waiting more than 20 years‚Ķ

The U.S. sucks at getting people to vote

Gabriela Espinal, from San Diego, recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz where she earned degrees in art history and visual culture, and feminist studies. For the past three years Gabriela was a part of the student broadcasting organization Rainbow TV, a group that would film and edit live productions put on by the…

How is it still so hard to get clean drinking water in America?

Betty Marquez will be exploring issues of environmental racism in southeast Los Angeles and its effects on the area's residents. Having been raised in Bell, California with little access to the outdoors, she is passionate about claiming space for women of color through her hiking, backpacking, and traveling…

How much does your vote count?

The map of the presidential election has taken on familiar shades over the last few decades. Red states tend to stay red. Blue states tend to stay blue. There are just a few states, the swing states‚ÄĒstates such as Nevada, Colorado, and Florida‚ÄĒwhere the outcome isn‚Äôt obvious. Those are the true battleground states,‚Ķ