At a campaign event today, Joe Biden made perhaps the biggest campaign promise of the 2020 presidential election cycle yet, reportedly telling the crowd that if he’s elected, “We’re going to cure cancer.” It’s always interesting what’s deemed to be in the realm of “possible” or “practical” and what is not.

I spend about half of my time thinking in Spanish, so I can’t help but giggle every time I see New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s anti-Trump hashtag, #ConDon. I know it’s sophomoric. But he has a bunch of folks posting selfies with giant signs that, to me, yell “condom! condom! condom!” Also, as Yashar Ali pointed

Imagine stopping into your favorite coffee shop for some java on your way to work. You open the door, and immediately you’re greeted by some guy you vaguely remember from TV just screaming at you about the genius of America. That’s Iowa for the next 11 months.