Celebrating American Holidays When You're From a Country Trump Banned: Iran Edition

For families with roots in countries singled out by President Trumpā€™s travel ban, this holiday season is a particularly complicated time to explore what being American truly means. In the fourth video of our ā€œBanned Recipesā€ series, a Iranian American chef shows us how to make Iranian morghe torsh, an aromatic chickenā€¦

Trump's executive order harms far more than the 20,000 refugees frozen out by the ban

Mamdouh AlRamadan, a 28-year-old data architect living in New York City, learned of President Trumpā€™s so-called ā€œMuslim banā€ whileĀ reading the news on Saturday morning. He was immediately confused and concerned about his future. Heā€™s a refugee from Aleppo, Syria, and the U.S. was now under an executive order barringā€¦

This star of an Oscar-nominated film is boycotting the Academy Awards over Trump's immigration policy

ActressĀ Taraneh Alidoosti may not be a household name in the United States, but in her native Iran, she's about as big as it gets: A multi-award winning actress considered one of the nation'sĀ best in the past decade. Think of her asĀ Iran's Meryl Streep. And like Meryl, Alidoosti is not taking President Donald Trump'sā€¦