Jared Kushner’s Company Filed False Documents to Force Out Rent–Regulated Tenants, Report Says

Donald Trump’s son–in–law and presidential adviser Jared Kushner is facing yet another scandal linked to his time as CEO of the family’s predatory real estate empire. At the center of the latest scandal, like many of the others, is the Kushners’ apparent proclivity for deceit and greed while doing business.


Ivanka Trump's Objectively Ridiculous Presence Is Reportedly Causing White House Drama

Last week Ivanka Trump, a shoe salesperson, traveled to South Korea to lead the U.S. delegation for the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Her father admitted that “we cannot have a better, or smarter, person representing our country,” which seems like a snub. Anyway, it seems Donald Trump’s continuation of his…


Ivanka Trump: 'Integrity' Means Doing the Thing You Said Would Be Very Bad for the Country 

Time to face facts: Ivanka Trump talks weird and writes weird. In 2010, the journalist and critic Tom Bissell described the surreal and bad film The Room as a “movie that an alien who has never seen a movie might make after having movies thoroughly explained to him.” This is something like how I feel about Trump’s…