5:54 PM

Big news: eBay and Shopify have yanked a bunch of Jeffrey Epstein-themed merch from their stores. Now where will America’s unhinged conspiracy theorists go for their “Hillary Did It” hoodies???

1:25 PM

There are a range of acceptable responses to Jeffrey Epstein’s death, such as grief for his victims and the justice they’ll now never receive and rage at a system that somehow allowed this to happen among them. Bette Midler found a reaction that falls far outside that window: a damn limerick! What a time.

4:48 PM

According to court documents unsealed on Friday, a woman has alleged that Jeffrey Epstein “sent” her to have sex with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, former Sen. George Mitchell, and billionaire investor Glenn Dubin, while she was still a minor. All three deny the allegations.