Democrats Who Swore Off Corporate Campaign Donations Are Still Getting a Boost From Big Money

The 2018 midterms have seen a huge number of Democrats pledge not to take money from corporate PACs. It’s a sign of the times: The Bernie Sanders-style rejection of money in politics is taking root among Democrats in a year when insurgent candidates from all walks of life are running, including a record number of women

Jake Tapper's Dartmouth Alumni Chat With Kirsten Gillibrand Is Even Worse Than Expected

The latest issue of the Dartmouth alumni magazine features CNN host and Dartmouth graduate Jake Tapper interviewing senator and Dartmouth graduate Kirsten Gillibrand. The interview yielded plenty of eyebrow-raising bits—including Gillibrand admitting that she voted to confirm Nikki Haley as UN ambassador solely…

The Secretive Process That Gives Members of Congress Yet Another Way to Sweep Allegations Under the Rug

On Friday, Politico reported how a little-known House agency—the Office of House Employment Counsel—used public funds to investigate sexual harassment complaints involving people in Representative Blake Farenthold’s office. This was done on Farenthold’s office’s request and included the House Employment Counsel…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has an Absurd Response to Questions About Trump's Vile Gillibrand Tweet

At a press conference on Tuesday, reporter April Ryan asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders whether or not Donald Trump owed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand an apology for tweeting that Gillibrand would come “begging” to him for campaign contributions and that she “would do anything for them.”