New NBC Show Turned Gay Character Straight So the Creator Could 'Connect' More With Him

This March will see the debut of NBC’s Rise. It’s a musical drama about a high school teacher in a largely blue-collar town who revitalizes the school’s theater program, puts on a production of Spring Awakening, and inspires the whole town or something. It stars Auli’i Cravalho of Moana fame and Rosie Perez of Rosie…

Roleplaying Jail in Iowa With America's Biggest Prison Fan

The night before I was set to turn myself in—either for robbing a pharmacy or committing serial tax fraud, I hadn’t decided yet—I sent Officer Mark Gudmundsen an email with a couple of last-minute questions. “You may bring a book,” he replied, “but I will look at it and decide if you can have it in your cell to read.”

One of the Gay Men Kim Davis Refused to Marry Is Now Trying to Oust Her From Office

It’s been more than two years since Rowan County, KY, clerk Kim Davis earned international infamy—and a brief jail stint—for refusing to issue a marriage license to two men with a legal right to tie the knot. Now, one of those men, David Ermold, has announced that he will run for Davis’ seat next year and try to oust…