Sex, Pong, And Pioneers: What Atari Was Really Like, According To Women Who Were There

Back in 1973, Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker” was blaring from the PA in a California warehouse as two dozen women in flared jeans assembled Pong circuit boards. The smell of corned beef and marijuana wafted down the manufacturing line. Orders for Atari’s landmark table tennis video game were still pouring in on the…


Roleplaying Jail in Iowa With America's Biggest Prison Fan

The night before I was set to turn myself in—either for robbing a pharmacy or committing serial tax fraud, I hadn’t decided yet—I sent Officer Mark Gudmundsen an email with a couple of last-minute questions. “You may bring a book,” he replied, “but I will look at it and decide if you can have it in your cell to read.”

If This Punk-Rock Democrat Can Win in Texas, Maybe We’re Not Totally Screwed

Beto O’Rourke hasn’t had his coffee yet. It’s 7:30 in the morning in Austin, and the El Paso congressman and Democratic contender for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat looks tired. He should. Just 10 hours ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall over the Texas coast, where it would hammer cities like Corpus Christi, Houston, and…