The National Rifle Association ended 2018 $10.8 million in debt, after increasing spending on overhead and decreasing spending on core activities like gun safety training. Last year, the NRA brought in $412 million and spent $423 million, an indicator of the organization’s ongoing financial woes, The Washington Post re

Joe Biden will appear at an 2020 forum next week hosted by “The Poor People’s Campaign” with Sanders, Warren, Harris, and several other candidates—the first time he’s shared a stage with many of them. Per Politico, the candidates will take questions from organizers and “low-income activists” directly.

At a campaign event today, Joe Biden made perhaps the biggest campaign promise of the 2020 presidential election cycle yet, reportedly telling the crowd that if he’s elected, “We’re going to cure cancer.” It’s always interesting what’s deemed to be in the realm of “possible” or “practical” and what is not.

As CNN reports, Lindsey Graham got soooooo close to getting it today, saying at a hearing on the border: “What’s odd about this disaster is that people are not trying to avoid being caught. They are looking for the first border patrol agent they can find to turn themselves in. A wall will not fix this problem.” No

Another good move from Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who’s introduced a bill resembling a Universal Basic Income to Congress. Per the Washington Post, the bill would give $3,000 direct cash to individuals and $6,000 to families who make up the poorest Americans, even those with no income.

Congrats to the newest content creators on the block, upstarts Barack and Michelle Obama, who signed an exclusive deal with Spotify to produce a series of podcasts for the platform, per Variety. While few other details were available, the couple will produce a “slate” of ‘casts. Watch your back, Crooked Media!!!

After my colleague Nick Martin wrote about the FBI releasing documents that, to the small-minded, would seem to close the book on Bigfoot’s existence, we’ve been talkin’ cryptozoology. What’s your favorite of the mythical (perhaps real) beasts? What’s your local legend? And: Do you think it’s real? Sound off.