3:15 PM

Uber laid off 435 employees, the company confirmed today, after laying off another 400 in July. As a reminder, Uber went public only four months ago. Are the massive corporate entities we view as immutable monoliths really as immovable as they may seem? It’s anyone’s guess!!

5:39 PM

Bahamians who were turned away from evacuating Hurricane Dorian to the U.S. because they didn’t have visas received word Monday that they would be allowed to enter. However, President Trump messed that up, later saying they did need visas and that “very bad people” may have infiltrated the Bahamas.

5:00 PM

OMG, Donald Trump is still rage-tweeting about goddamned Alabama and Hurricane Dorian. Of course, he’s lying again and shouting in all-caps that he said the state “MAY EVEN” get hit, when he actually said it “will most likely be hit.” Get me off this planet, please.

8:51 AM

A crushing blow to such Republican challengers to President Trump as racist things sayer Joe Walsh and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld: Politico reports that four states are “poised” to cancel their GOP 2020 primaries and caucuses as part of an effort to tamp down any opposition to Trump. Sad!

10:11 AM

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is writing a memoir about her time in the Trump administration, St. Martin’s Press announced on Thursday. I, for one, look forward to what promises to be a riveting read full of truth and soul-searching introspection!

9:16 AM

Nearly 200 years after a treaty created a nonvoting seat for the Cherokee Nation in the U.S. House, the seat has been filled for the first time by Kimberly Teehee, a lawyer and former Obama appointee with deep roots working on Native issues like the Violence Against Women Act on Capitol Hill.

4:39 PM

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that Seth Ator, the man suspected of murdering seven people and injuring 22 more this weekend in Odessa, TX, used a glaring legal loophole to purchase his AR-15-style assault rifle from a private seller, thereby avoiding a federal background check he had previously failed.

11:00 AM

Good luck to Sasha Obama, who’s set to begin her freshman year at the University of Michigan, according to the Detroit News. Huge kudos for going to a state school, my condolences on choosing Michigan as that school when Wisconsin is right there.