The Michael Avenatti-Tucker Carlson Shoutfest Was So Much Worse Than I Could've Imagined

Stormy Danielsā€™ attorney, the attention junky and rumored presidential contender Michael Avenatti, walked into the lionā€™s den Thursday night for an interview with Fox Newsā€™ resident white supremacist sympathizer Tucker Carlson. And folks? However bad it sounds just reading this sentence, believe me when I tell you theā€¦

Trump and Cohen Reportedly Came Up With a Great Idea to Buy the National Enquirer's Dirt in Bulk

The incestuous relationship between the President of the United States and the countryā€™s premier gossip tabloid took another weird turn this week, with a report claiming that Donald Trump and Michael Cohen came up with a scheme to buy back decades worth of dirt the National Enquirer had gathered on the president.

Trump's Defense Against Michael Cohen's Claims Makes Absolutely Nothing Better for Him

Our big brave president boy is having a bad one. His loyal homie Paul Manafort went down hard yesterday, and his disloyal fake friend Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to, among other things, making an illegal contribution to a federal campaignā€”at ā€œthe direction of the candidate,ā€ for ā€œthe principal purpose of influencingā€¦