WH Slams Senator Who Tried to Visit Kids' Detention Center by Blaming Him for Sexual Assault

Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley, of Oregon, had the police called on him when he travelled to Texas over the weekend to try to visit an immigration detention center (rather, a repurposed Walmart building) for undocumented kids. Never an administration to let an abhorrent story go unanswered, Donald Trump’s White House…

Saying Members of MS-13 Are Human Beings Is Not a Defense of MS-13

Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum, a “liberal” blogger who thinks you’d be “crazy” if you don’t have a “reflexive disgust of the homeless,” did a take today on liberals supposedly “defending” MS-13, the gang which Donald Trump is now calling full of “animals” every chance he gets. It was terrible.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Baselessly Accuses 'Media and Liberals' of Going to Bat for MS-13

With a whole news cycle of parsing—and scolding—the media’s interpretation of President Trump’s reference to some immigrants as “animals” behind us, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders came out swinging on Thursday, accusing the press of willfully misconstruing Trump’s remarks in order to “defend MS-13,” the…


El departamento policial favorito de Trump ha sido acusado de perseguir a jĂłvenes inmigrantes sin mucha evidencia

Cuando el presidente Donald Trump visitó al condado de Suffolk en Nueva York la semana pasada, presumió de la campaña en contra de la pandilla MS-13 que se lleva a cabo en esta dependencia. Vincent DeMarco, el sheriff del condado de Suffolk, valoró ayer en una entrevista para el programa Fox & Friends lo “muy…

Trump's Favorite Police Force Accused of Targeting Immigrant Children With Almost No Evidence

When President Donald Trump visited Suffolk County, NY, last week, he did so in large part to tout the community’s ongoing campaign against the MS-13 gang—a message praised as “very important” by Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco in an interview on Monday’s Fox & Friends that Trump was quick to share.