Aug 7 2019
This Is No Way to Live

I get scared on the street easily. In 2015, I worked as a freelance reporter in Ukraine, which occasionally required

Feb 15 2019

Genius economist Tyler Cowen says that Hoboken and Jersey City are “Winners” in the Amazon HQ2 fiasco, because “They are nicer than Manhattan anyway and with better day-to-day food options.” Uh. Okay dude.

Feb 14 2019

Queens real estate agents are bemoaning Amazon’s decision to pull out of Long Island City: “We just literally threw out the baby with the bathwater,” one said, confusingly. This all reaffirms our instinct that most real estate agents are kind of dumb, have an easy job, and shouldn’t exist.

Dec 13 2018

New York City’s most expensive neighborhoods in 2018 were Tribeca and Soho, maintaining the city’s perfect correlation between real estate prices and density of dipshit Eurotrash cokeheads talking interior design.