ICE to Deport Sole Provider of a Paraplegic 6–Year–Old, Report Says

Following the publication of a profile of 6–year–old Ricky Solis, who will require around–the–clock medical care for the rest of his life after a car crash left him paraplegic, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced they will deport the boy’s sole financial provider and one of only two trained…

Ohio Supreme Court Judge Claims He's Had Sex With 50 Women in Bizarre Defense of 'All Heterosexual Males'

State Supreme Court judge and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill O’Neill on Friday offered up a bizarre message to the voters of Ohio, claiming he’s had sex with 50 “very attractive females” in his life in a bizarre effort to combat the “dogs of war” calling for Senator Al Franken to step down amid allegations of…


Undocumented Dad Says Tearful Goodbye to His Kids Before Being Deported in Heartbreaking Video

To understand all that’s broken about the current administration’s handling of undocumented immigrants, all you have to see is this video from the Cleveland Plain Dealer showing Jesus Lara Lopez, a 37-year-old father of four, saying farewell to his young children—maybe forever—before being deported back to Mexico.