Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign raked in $19.1 million in the second quarter of 2019, the New York Times reported, more than three times what she did in the first quarter. That’s likely to put her at third among the Dems behind Biden and Buttigieg but ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Hmmm, so Mayor Pete says South Bend is a “welcoming city” that doesn’t task police with enforcing federal immigration law. He also seems to recognize that cops enforcing immigration law terrorizes immigrant communities. He even goes to pains to say the city’s not full yet. So why not just answer “yes”?

The L.A. Times reveals milquetoast Mayor Pete’s “eclectic taste in pop music”—skkkkrrtttt, sike!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you consider loving Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Rage Against the Machine, and Spoon “eclectic”! Although he prefers Cardi over Nicki (correct), we CANNOT trust him for saying Hail to the Thief is his