Local Racist Accidentally Makes Sharice Davids, 'Radical Socialist Kickboxing Lesbian,' Sound Very Cool

In the latest case of white politicians attempting to stifle the myriad of rising Native 2018 candidates, a local Republican official in Kansas was apparently itching a little too hard to say the quiet part out loud, calling congressional candidate Sharice Davids a “radical socialist kick boxing [sic] lesbian.”

Florida GOP Candidate Says Voters Shouldn’t ‘Monkey This Up’ By Voting for Black Opponent

We’re less than 24 hours out from President Donald Trump-endorsed candidate Ron DeSantis’ victory in Florida’s Republican gubernatorial primary race, and already DeSantis has managed to stick his foot firmly in mouth and wiggle his toes around for good measure. And where did he choose to do this? Fox News, of course.

Yet Another Trump Administration Staffer Was Chummy With White Nationalists, Leaked Emails Show 

The recent spate of reports revealing connections between the Trump White House and the far right isn’t over yet. The latest is recently resigned Homeland Security policy analyst Ian M. Smith. Emails leaked to The Atlantic show Smith was on the same threads as white supremacist Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor, who…