Russia's Foreign Minister Spent His Annual Press Conference Berating the U.S.

Sergey Lavrov, the longtime foreign minister of Russia who was once photographed pressing a literal relationship ‚Äúreset‚ÄĚ button with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, dedicated the opening of his annual press conference Monday to berating the U.S., telling reporters that it has ‚Äúdestabilized‚ÄĚ the world by‚Ķ

Robert Mueller Got Trump Transition Emails Just By Asking the Federal Agency That Hosted Them

Special counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director currently overseeing a sweeping investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections and any possible ties to President Donald Trump and his associates, secretly obtained tens of thousands of emails from the administration’s transition team.…


Mitch McConnell: Tech Companies Should Help Us Weaponize the Internet Against Russia

Google, Facebook and Twitter, three of the country’s most prominent tech companies, all testified before Congress this week that they had unintentionally been part of an alleged Russian operation to spread misinformation and propaganda during the 2016 presidential elections. On Saturday, Republican Senate Majority…