This We’ll find out soon enough how good this miniseries (based on the Gabriel Sherman book) about Fox News demon king Roger Ailes is, but I am going to wager a bet that the other Fox News-Ailes adaptation will probably be better! I mean, look at that cast.

Here is my review of the new “horror” film Suspiria, which lands in theaters across America today: More like SUCKSpiria!!! Seriously, this movie is way too long and full of itself. It tries desperately to say something but ultimately says nothing. AND it’s not even that scary. A must-miss!

TGIF!!!! Two scenarios seem equally possible here: 1) We get a single new Avatar movie that costs $900 million to make, performs poorly at the box office, and nearly bankrupts Disney, or 2) We have to stomach an Avatar movie every Christmas like the new incarnation of Star Wars.