Forget About Colin Kaepernick; I Think Iā€™m Done With the NFL Just Because I Donā€™t Want to Watch Someone Die

In eighth grade, I was a starting wideout and cornerback for my middle school football team, the St. Bartholomew Bruins. Our team that year went undefeated and won the Pittsburgh Diocese, and our only close game that season came during the championship, which we won on a last-second touchdown caught by yours trulyā€”aā€¦

NFL Players Just Sold Kaepernickā€™s Protests for $100 Million. Are They Sellouts or Heroes?

A group of players in the National Football League accepted an offer from NFL owners for $100 million for social justice causes in exchange for ... umm ... we want to use a term that expresses the exact sentiment while still conveying a modicum of journalistic integrity. We think the most precise way to describe whatā€¦

Character Assassination of Michael Bennett Continues: LVMPD Investigating Alleged Altercation That Happened Before His Encounter With Police

Updated Friday, Sept. 8, 2017, 9:30 p.m. EDT: Because the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is looking for ways to prove that Michael Bennett somehow deserved the treatment he got from its officers 12 days ago, the department now says that it is investigating whether or not he was involved in an altercationā€¦