Trump Administration Might Give Disastrous Family Separations Policy Another Go

Remember how the policy of separating families at the border worked out so well for the Trump administration last time? All of those harrowing pictures, videos, and sounds from what some critics dubbed Trump‚Äôs ‚Äúbaby jails?‚ÄĚ Kirstjen Nielsen getting chased out of a restaurant? Allegations of abuse? The evidence that‚Ķ

Even Stephen Miller's Childhood Rabbi Is Sick of His Shit

If there’s one small comfort in the fact that the White House’s resident white nationalist Stephen Miller has essentially been given free rein to run roughshod over America’s immigration system, it’s the fact that the more Miller does to maliciously fuck over some of America’s most vulnerable communities, the more…

Stephen Miller's Latest Immigration Scheme Is Already Hurting Immigrants and Their Children

The Trump administration‚Äôs assault on the poor and on immigrants are distinct campaigns to exacerbate the suffering and cruelty already doled out by the government to marginalized groups‚ÄĒcampaigns that often intersect. Politico reported yesterday that one policy proposal aimed at both groups‚ÄĒmaking it more difficult‚Ķ

Stephen Miller's Uncle Says 'Dozens' of Family Members Hate His Guts Too

After yesterday‚Äôs devastating smackdown in Politico Magazine wherein Stephen Miller‚Äôs uncle David Glosser described his goblin nephew as a ‚Äúhypocrite‚ÄĚ whose policies ‚Äúrepudiate the very foundation of our family‚Äôs life in this country,‚ÄĚ Glosser returned to rhetorically body slam his awful relative again today. Stop,‚Ķ

Turns Out Stephen Miller's Family Hates Him Just As Much As the Rest of Us

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, the genius behind the Trump administration’s family separation policy, has been an insufferable fascist turd going at least back to high school. And his role as Donald Trump’s top reactionary appears to be weighing heavily on his more liberal family members, such as…

Lone Hero Reportedly Calls Stephen Miller a 'Fascist' at Mexican Restaurant

This site‚Äôs stance on shaming extremely bad public figures is, by now, well known and also correct. So it is with heart aflutter that I must inform you: a lone, as-yet-unnamed hero confronted White House adviser Stephen Miller at a Mexican restaurant in DC to let him know he‚Äôs definitely a ‚Äúfascist.‚ÄĚ