America's Worst Congressman Has a Disgusting Plan to Pay for Trump's Border Wall

Iowa Congressman Steve King is no stranger when it comes to making the sort of vile, indefensible statements that place him squarely in the white supremacist wing of the GOP. King has previously raged against ‚Äúsomebody else‚Äôs babies‚ÄĚ threatening ‚Äúour civilization,‚ÄĚ and once told a DACA recipient raised in the United‚Ķ

A Conversation With Kim Weaver, Who Dropped Out of An Iowa House Race After Reporting Threats 

Last week, Democrat Kim Weaver announced in a Facebook post that she was dropping out of the 2018 race for Iowa‚Äôs 4th congressional district seat‚ÄĒa seat currently held by white supremacist Rep. Steve King, who recently tweeted that U.S. civilization cannot be restored with ‚Äúsomeone else‚Äôs babies.‚ÄĚ In the post, Weaver,‚Ķ

Racist Iowa Rep. Steve King’s Opponent Quits Campaign, Citing Death Threats

Efforts to unseat Iowa Republican lawmaker Steve King, known for his racist and anti‚Äďimmigrant trash talk, just got a little harder. King‚Äôs main Democratic rival for Iowa‚Äôs 4th Congressional seat in 2018, Kim Weaver, announced on Facebook that she is dropping out of the race because of death threats and the need to‚Ķ