A Partial List of Companies That Definitely Could Have Afforded to Pay Their Employees a Good Wage at Any Point Before the GOP Tax Bill

Since the passage of the GOP’s wildly unpopular and regressive tax bill, American companies have been coming out of the woodwork to announce they are using their tax windfalls to invest in their employees. Even nominally “liberal” companies like Apple and Starbucks have credited Congressional Republicans and the Trump…

Trump Conveniently Forgets to Name-Check Tennessee Democrats in Nashville Speech

After complaining that the timing of his speech at the 99th meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation in Nashville wasn’t “cool” enough—it was not, regretfully, the conference’s hundredth anniversary—Donald Trump proceeded to thank a list of state officials and farm lobbyists for welcoming him to the state.


Remember That Time the Democrats Delayed a Major Vote for an Incoming Senator?

Here’s a funny old thing: Doug Jones’ victory last night means there will be one fewer Republican in the Senate, which could—should—mean one less vote for the massive handout to donors that is the GOP tax bill. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Luther Strange, the interim senator currently occupying the…