Melania Trump's Office Yells at Meanie Reporters for Mocking Her Dumb New Initiative

After First Lady Melania Trump announced her pet project yesterday—an initiative called Be Best which is supposed to miraculously help solve the opioid crisis, improve kids’ mental health, and make online a nicer place for everyone—her office scolded all the meanies who made fun of its very funny name and logo, as…

Joy Reid's 'Cybersecurity Expert' Has Some Issues of His Own

Joy Reid is having a bad week! First, what appeared to be old, homophobic blog posts—even worse than the ones she apologized for last year—resurfaced. Then, her claim that “hackers” had fabricated the posts was met with deep skepticism. Now, the so-called “cybersecurity expert” Reid says she hired to investigate those…

"Video Equals Mobile Equals Social" Says New Los Angeles Times Editor, Who Won't Promise Competitive Salaries

The Los Angeles Times has lots of challenges, including years of harsh staff cuts, a corporate parent of questionable value, and an ongoing union drive at a historically anti-union company. Brand-new Times editor Lewis D’Vorkin is taking on the most important challenge first: what his employees must not tweet.