Ex-ICE Chief Can't Even Pretend He Cares About Gut-Wrenching Audio of Crying Migrant Kids

Thomas Homan may no longer be in charge of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pop up from time to time to remind everyone that he’s a heartless monster who couldn’t care less about the human cost incurred by children detained during his time in office.

Trump Said So Many Disgusting Things About Immigrants Today That It Was Hard to Keep Up

Donald Trump spent Wednesday afternoon meeting with local legislators and other elected officials for a thoughtful, calm, and nuanced discussion on California’s sanctuary laws that...yeah, duh, of course he didn’t. The whole thing was a racist nightmare, the lowlights of which are almost too numerous to count.

ICE Backtracks on Wild Claims About Raids After Ex-Spokesman's Accusations of Lying

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump criticized Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for warning residents that immigration officials were planning raids in her city. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and acting ICE Director Thomas Homan earlier also claimed that as many as 800 “wanted aliens” in California avoided arrest because of…

Acting ICE Director: DOJ Should Charge Politicians Running Sanctuary Cities

On Tuesday, Thomas Homan, the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, gave Neil Cavuto a newsworthy interview on Fox News. During a discussion of sanctuary cities, Homan pushed a ridiculous idea: local government officials in charge of said sanctuary cities should face criminal penalties. “We’ve…