Millennial Trump Staffers Complain Yet Again About Being Unfuckable Losers

I know, I know—it’s Friday, you want to kick back and take it easy; you don’t want to think about Trump staffers’ genitals. But trust me on this one: Today’s Politico Magazine piece about the woes of being a young Trump staffer in Washington, DC is worth it. Take my hand, and join me in Hell. Drink full and descend:


White House Announces It Has No Global Health Security Chief the Day After Ebola Outbreak Declared

The White House announced today that Rear Adm. Tim Ziemer, who sat on the National Security Council and was the senior director for global health security and biothreats, left the Trump administration on Tuesday, and HuffPost reports that Ziemer’s office doesn’t exist anymore, with his staff being rerouted to other…