John Kelly Smears Immigrants Who Didn't Apply for DACA as 'Too Lazy to Get Off Their Asses'

In the latest dimension of the Trump administration‚Äôs war on undocumented immigrants, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said Tuesday that President Trump has already done more than his fair share to help undocumented young people, including those who were ‚Äútoo lazy to get off their asses‚ÄĚ to apply for the DACA‚Ķ

Feds Considered Forcing Undocumented Teen to Have Experimental Procedure to 'Reverse' Abortion

The top official in charge of the Trump administration‚Äôs Office of Refugee Resettlement was so desperate to make an undocumented teenage woman‚Äôs medical choices for her that he actively weighed subjecting her to an unproven, experimental procedure to ‚Äúreverse‚ÄĚ her abortion, according to Vice News.


Tucker Carlson Had a Blatantly White Supremacist Segment on His Show Last Night

According to his Ted Cruz-penned Twitter bio, Mark Steyn is an ‚ÄúInternational bestselling author, Top Five jazz recording artist, & a leading Canadian human rights activist.‚ÄĚ (He also recorded‚ÄĒI kid you not‚ÄĒa moody, introspective cover of Mel Blanc‚Äôs classic ‚ÄúI Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat.‚ÄĚ) But based on his Thursday night‚Ķ