A Dozen States Are Taking the Trump Administration to Court Over Its Family Separation Policy

A group of states led by Washington are suing the Trump administration over its family separation policy. “This is a rogue, cruel, and unconstitutional policy,” Washington attorney general Bob Ferguson said in a press release which quotes just about every major Democratic politician in the Seattle area. “We’re going…

Lone Hero Reportedly Calls Stephen Miller a 'Fascist' at Mexican Restaurant

This site’s stance on shaming extremely bad public figures is, by now, well known and also correct. So it is with heart aflutter that I must inform you: a lone, as-yet-unnamed hero confronted White House adviser Stephen Miller at a Mexican restaurant in DC to let him know he’s definitely a “fascist.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Answers Direct Questions On Syria With Next-Level Gibberish

Despite the fact that President Trump tweeted, in no uncertain terms, that American missiles “will be coming” to Syria, Sarah Huckabee Sanders reached deep into her bag of random phrasing on Wednesday to imply that we shouldn’t necessarily take the president’s word for it on this one, as “all options” remain on the…