This transgender woman spectacularly responds to the empty lip service from her university after Milo Yiannopoulos harasses her

A transgender woman at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was verbally assaulted by a speaker invited by a conservative group on campus. That speaker was none other than Milo Yiannopoulos. If you don't know how much about him, you're better off—he's a favorite of white supremacists who call themselves "alt-right."

People keep dying in Milwaukee's jail. The man who runs it could get a top job in Trump's cabinet.

Since April, four people have died while in custody at the Milwaukee County Jail. Two of them were 38 years old. One was 29. And one was a newborn baby. Now, the mother of that baby is demanding that the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office pay $8.5 million dollars, claiming that jail officials ignored her requests for…

Remember when the Voting Rights Act was gutted? We just watched the fallout.

In  2014, the state of Texas made it hard for me to vote. My out-of-state driver’s license didn’t verify the identity on my voter ID card. So I went home for my passport, a federal document that would trounce all. After two trips to the polling station, I finally managed to vote that day for a candidate who wouldn’t…