Instagram user hellohanahsu
Instagram user hellohanahsu

Over the weekend Taiwan was hit by a super typhoon, with seven people confirmed dead and at least 100 more still missing. 100-mile-per-hour winds whipped the tiny island before moving on to southeastern China, where another 14 people were killed.


Typhoon Souledor was classified as a super typhoon by the Hong Kong Observatory, the Guardian writes. It's one of the worst storms the world has seen this year, first hitting the U.S. island of Saipan in the western Pacific Ocean about a week ago. You can see the force of the winds in this dash cam footage that caught the moment it touched down in Taiwan, via the BBC:

Amid the destruction though, some in the capital Taipei found a moment to have a laugh with these two post boxes outside a convenience store. They stayed planted to the ground through the chaos, but not without some wear:郵筒

People are posting photos with the mailboxes all over Twitter and Instagram today using #郵筒 (which translates to #mailbox), a little relief from what will no doubt be a somber time for the nation while they take stock of the death and damage the storm has left behind.


At one point, there was a line forming of people waiting to get their moment with the mailboxes:郵筒郵筒郵筒郵筒郵筒郵筒

The head of the postal system told the Taipei Times they'll be turned into official tourist attractions, with a plaque to inform visitors that they were damaged during the typhoon. But they'll also continue to be used for what they were made for, he said, after their foundations are fixed up a little.

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