Take a Gander at This Useless Fraud

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Remember last year when Amazon Cuomo suddenly reversed course on nearly eight years of mealy-mouthed, do-nothing centrism and enabling the GOP to have an oversized influence on New York politics, and tried prove to everyone he was the second coming of Che? And how the impetus for all of that was an earnest commitment to progressivism, and not just pandering because he was facing a credible primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon?

Yeah, he doesn’t either.

Cuomo made an appearance at Seton Hall last night to talk about “civility in politics” (I guess they’ll let just anyone do that now) with his fellow member of the Dirtbag Tri-State Governors’ Society, Chris Christie (yep, they will). During the conversation, Cuomo joined Christie in slamming the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump just one day after saying “you’re darn right there should be an inquiry” on a radio show. Politico reports:

In what appeared to be a reversal of his comments on Wednesday, when he said “you’re darn right there should be an inquiry,” Cuomo said Thursday evening that the nation was headed “down a very long and unproductive road” that will not end with President Donald Trump being removed from office. The three-term Democratic governor implied Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced into opening the probe.

“Speaker Pelosi was dealing with pressure from her caucus and, when you talk about pressure from the left, there is a highly leftist component to the Democratic Party that she was feeling pressure for,” Cuomo said during the live, one-on-one conversation at Seton Hall Law School. “She is a deliberate, responsible person. She’s not a knee-jerk person. And I think she resisted the pressure in her caucus admirably for a long period of time.”


Back in July, Cuomo did a radio interview in which he referred to himself as “one of the most progressive leaders in the state,” and said: “I am the left.” It’s almost like his only guiding principle is a desire to please whatever crowd he’s in front of at the time.

Cuomo went on to refer to the impeachment push as a “quote unquote inquiry,” before asking hey, what’s really the point in all of this? “Where does it go ultimately?” Cuomo said. “Nowhere, because even if they vote for impeachment, it goes to the Senate.”


Yesterday, two Republican governors in nearby states—Charlie Baker in Massachusetts and Phil Scott in Vermont—both came out in favor of an impeachment inquiry against Trump. Cuomo, the Democratic governor of one of the bluest states in the country, placed himself firmly to the right of those guys because...he didn’t want to get into an argument with Chris Christie? He just hates the left that much? His solidarity with Trump as a beneficiary of nepotism is kicking in?

Who knows, but all of this is worth remembering in 2021 and 2022 when Cuomo is running for a fourth term and doing the “most progressive governor” dance again.